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Quality Time-and now that we have plenty of it

…and now that we have plenty of it, what are we doing with it?

The first few days went by as an unexpected holiday. The next few days, it sunk into us that this is going to go on for a while. By the end of 10 days, we werent sure for how long. By the 21st day, we still don’t know for how long.

Self care, Quality time, Learn, Do the things you never got the time for, Organise, Re-connect, De-clutter, Zoom calls seem to be the buzz words doing the rounds in all our lives today, as the world comes to a stand still.

We have been given a chance to figure out whats important for us, to be able to prioritize, to be able to see if there are some decisions that need to be re looked at- at a small level, at an intrinsic level and also at a large worldly level.

In between all these decisions, I am writing about, what I most often write about – our pets. The ones who depend upon us for companionship and togetherness. In our everyday hectic schedule, we, very rarely take time out for them other than the feeding and the walks. How many times do you find your dog expectantly looking at you for attention and you just run a hand over his head and say “later”? And does that “later” ever happen in that day?

So, in this new routine of ours (which looks like it’s gonna stay for a while) where did they feature in our line of daily jobs to be done.

I had an earlier post on how they too are trying to figure out our new home bound routine and believe you me, sometimes getting very confusing signals too from it. So here is a quick lineup on what can be done-

  1. On that small walk that you are doing, walk and talk to your pet. Keep the mobile aside. Converse. Focus on what he focuses on. Make him feel that you are out with him.

  2. Massage- Touch Therapy – you would like it, wont you? So will your pooch. Brush him, massage him while watching your TV serial. Dogs love pampering as much as we do. 15 mins for a long coat, 10 mins for a short coat.. Sometimes that’s all it takes.

  3. Go for a quick drive in the car round the block. Going vegetable shopping in the allowed hours, take him along – understand that a car ride need not necessarily mean a trip to the vet

  4. Rough him up. Play tug of war with a cloth toy, wrestle with him. He’ll love it and he’ll make sure you’ll love it too

  5. Run around your home, include him in your squats routine, up and down the staircase and just watch him follow you. Reward sufficiently

  6. Click lots of pictures with him, make that photo book you always wanted to.

Now one way to look at this would be, a change I am making now because I have the extra time now. But what I want you to think about is how do I make this my lifestyle..and that’s what is going to make a difference.

Making a change.. Little by little.. Day by day… Making every day count… To make sure it stays for a lifetime

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