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Dog boarding is our flagship service and it is the service we started with. Over the years, we've boarded over 5,000 dogs and have become Pune's largest dog boarding facility. Today we have 44 Kennels, 5 play areas, a pet pool, 2 walking paths and enrichment zones to ensure a happy and stress-free stay for your dog(s).  


With high-rise roofs and proper ventilation, our kennels are spacious and are suited to all dog breeds. Keeping in mind the dogs’ safety, the kennels are designed such that they receive no rain or direct sunlight and are also equipped with proper locking systems.


Two kennels share a common terrace which allows your dog a semi-private space. The two adjacent kennels are allotted taking into consideration the temperaments of both dogs. 


From a hygiene standpoint, the kennel walls are tiled to facilitate easier cleaning. After every dog completes their stay, the kennel is sprayed with necessary pest control. Apart from this, all kennels are also washed once a day and if required otherwise.

Play Areas

Out of the 5 play areas that we have, one is a puppy play area that is set right beside the office and is completely enclosed. Two of the others are set amidst kennels. The fourth is the one beside the pool and is the main area where the paw dates usually take place. 


The fifth and the largest one is the Picket Pocket which is a fenced region of 2,000 square feet. This is our largest play area and allows dogs to run to their heart’s content. It also serves as the most intense enrichment zone as it is covered with grass for the most part of the year and full of numerous scents that dogs can spend hours sniffing. 


All our play areas, except for the puppy play area which is fully covered, are partially shaded and have water bowls at all times to tackle the sun and heat. 

Walking Paths

All boarding dogs are taken for walks twice a day. For this, we have two distinct walking paths along with a small hill slope. These, coupled with daily play sessions cater to dogs with every kind of exercise requirement. To ensure hygiene at all times and places, all play areas, walking paths and the small hill are cleared of dog poop immediately after the dogs have finished attending their nature’s call.

Boarding with us

Throughout the stay, we offer customised meal plans from a kitchen that is adjacent to the kennels. With a residential staff, there are caretakers available for dogs at every hour. In case the dog requires medical assistance, our staff is well trained in first aid and in administering the medicines that may be prescribed to the dog by your vet. We also arrange for frequent visits by a vet to ensure the overall health of the dogs. To prevent any tick infestation, we mandate that the boarding dogs get an anti-tick treatment 2-3 days prior to checking in. 


Following are  our boarding options and packages:

  • First Consult/ Assessment Visit

  • Day stay 

  • Day stay package – 4 days

  • Overnight stay 

  • Long Stay Packages

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