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Pre-pet Consult

Pre-pet Consult


This session is aimed at getting all queries resolved for a new pet parent and pet ownership. The sit-down session includes the following topics:

  • Understanding breeds

  • Basic care

  • Food requirements

  • Medical issues that can commonly crop up

  • Exercise

  • Training and Behaviour aspects.

  • Grooming aspects

The session requires full family attendance to gauge and understand each person's requirement and role in the pet’s life.


On pre-appointment basis


Duration: 1.5 hours

Pet Interaction and Handling Basics

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In continuation to the pre-pet counselling, this session covers all the basics of dog body language, basic touch and how to be safe around dogs through an actual interaction with dogs. A variety of breeds are introduced for the participants to experience different personalities, sizes and physical characteristics like their coat, ears etc.

Aspects that we focus on are:

  • Touch

  • Dog moods and resulting body language characteristics

  • Grooming basics

  • Your body language while interacting with pets


On pre-appointment basis


Duration: 1 hour

Pet Interaction and Handling Basics
Pet Sibling Program

Pet Sibling Program

Age Group: 9 to 20 years

This is our signature program for children. It is a day-long workshop where participants get a first hand experience of pet ownership.  Through the day, the children are taught about all the basic responsibilities that come with owning a pet - safe interactions, exercising, grooming, bathing, feeding, understanding your pets body language signals along with games and lots of fun activities. This program is very effective when you are looking at getting a new pup home. It gives the child a clear understanding of responsibilities of having a pet dog at home. 


Appointment required: Yes


Duration: 6 hours (full day program)


The Dog School

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Age group: 12 to 20 years


This is a 20 hour program highly customizable over 5 hours per week. The objective of this program is to equip the participants with a little more understanding of dogs as a species- understanding behaviors, personalities, training, dog body language etc.


We also introduce career avenues, working dogs and also a certain insight into Animal Assisted Activities (AAA) through the course of the program. So if you are interested in knowing a bit more, or looking at taking up pet care as a career option, we highly recommend this course.


Through a series of hand-on activities and good quality of theoretical input, our aim is to create awareness, develop compassion and educate you about safe interaction with dogs.

The Dog School
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