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The Dog School

The Dog School

Age group: 12 years and above

This is a 25 hour program highly customizable over 5 weeks. The program objective is to equip the participants with a more understanding of dogs as a species. 

  • Understanding dog behaviour 

  • Insight into personalities

  • Importance of Training

  • Introduction to Dog Body Language

  • Working with Dogs

  • Kennel Management 

  • Introduction to Career Options in the pet industry

  • Insight into Animal Assisted Activities 


It basically takes you through the working life of a pet professional, especially if you are looking at taking up pet care as a career option.  Through a series of hand-on activities of working at the kennel and good quality theoretical input, our aim is to create awareness, develop compassion and educate you about safe interaction with dogs.

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Intern Program

The Intern Program

Age Group: 18 years and above

The Intern Program is a follow up program to the Dog School. Designed for the eager ones who wish to enter the industry, the Intern gets to work at PetSitters and assist us in all our day to day activities and kennel operations.


Exposure to various breeds, Kennel management, Client Management and of course working with dogs is a part of your daily job profile. As an intern, you also get to assist me on events, training and consults as a company representative. 

The Intern Program can also be converted into a Earn & Learn program by signing up for the Dog School followed up by working with PetSitters as an intern. 

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