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Cage Free. Cruelty Free.

Cage free. Cruelty free. Those seem to be the buzzwords for pet sitting requirements. My question to you is, why does a kennel system, where there are allocated rooms/ kennels (not cages) for each dog, why does it sound like a very bad decision? Why does it make professionals, who are running a kennel system boarding facility for dogs, seem very heartless and less  compassionate towards dogs because they don’t have a open boarding system. Nothing against cage free home boarding setups, but some dogs do better in a kennel system and some of us out here today are in it with as much passion. Each kind of boarding setup has its own advantages. 1. Individual space to call their own 2. A female dog in heat can be kept seperate 3. A dog with medical issues need not be subjected to other dogs activities as he/she might need a quiet space. 4. Puppies under 6 months learn a lot thru observational learning. If amongst all, there is a chance of hurting or infection in larger open spaces. 5. Nervous anxiety in dogs can be worsened with an open system. These dogs need their own small space to get into to be comfortable. So each one comes with a very customised requirement. All I am saying is – # Meet your petsitter # Get an indepth understanding of how dogs are kept and managed # Visit the place of boarding # Focus on hygiene and space quality # Know what your dog needs # Do trial stays # Visit more often …. ask the necessary and specific questions as per what your dog needs. #lifeofapetsitter #shalakamundada

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