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Dogs need their share of exercise and play. With open spaces, agility courses, walking trails and a pet pool; these needs are catered to.

Agility and Play

The Picket Pocket, our largest play area and a fenced open space, is equipped with an agility course for both adult dogs and pups. This provides a lightly intense exercise while making it interesting for dogs and breaking the  monotony of daily walks. The Picket Pocket also doubles up as a space for free runs where you can set your dog off-leash without any worry. It is our all-in-one enrichment zone that is covered with grass for most part of the year and is filled with numerous scents that mentally stimulate the dog. 

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Our Pet Pool is designed with a ramp so that the dog can easily move in and out of the pool without the assistance of a handler. The ramp  is especially helpful for fist-timers and pups who are just learning to swim. It helps them move into the water slowly and steadily while getting used to the feeling of being pool-wet. With a depth of four feet, the pool is 6 feet wide and 15 feet long. It is spacious and serves as an excellent way to #BeatTheHeat. 

The health and hygiene of dogs is our top priority which is why our pool water is cleaned every day and the water is also changed every 3-4 days. We use chlorine in small and safe amounts to ensure a clean and sanitary swim. To alleviate any infections that may arise due to moistures, the dog’s ears are coated with canine-grade paraffin wax prior to the swim and the coat is dried thoroughly after the swim. 

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Play sessions can be done in the company of other dogs or alone depending on your dog’s temperament i.e. whether he/she is dog-friendly or not. Agility and swimming sessions are kept as individual sessions only. 

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