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Puppy and Dog Training

We believe you have entered and committed yourselves to a new relationship - to nurture, to care and to make it very enriching for you, your family, and your pet. To be able to incorporate the right guiding techniques to form this bond into a meaningful one is where training and socialisations play an especially important role.

Our job as a trainer largely is based on bond building and getting a well balanced pet to grow up in a loving and a comfortable environment. Having said that, we do get our pet parents to do a lot of work on the main front, while we, then, largely play a role of “Show and Tell”.

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 As a trainer, our role would be 

  1. Identifying problem behaviours

  2. Teaching the owners methods to train their dog

  3. Understand your requirements and plan routines/training around that.

  4. Create situations for desensitization- These might involve a trip to the Groomer, Vet, Car Rides, Busy roads, Dog environment (controlled), Children environments, Cafes, Crates . All these are decided as per requirement

  5. Create a balanced environment of positive reinforcements and corrective patterns for undesirable behaviour

Other Details

  1. Duration of the training module – 3 month – divided over 10 sessions 

  2. Sessions will be once a week (with tons of homework for the week)

  3. All sessions happen at PetSitters, Maan Village Hinjewadi at a pre decided time, unless required to be done in a particular situation/environment

  4. Any cancellations 3 hours prior to the appointment will be charged 

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Puppy and Dog Training

Training Correction

Many times circumstances arise that compel your dog to behave in a way contrary to his/her training. Training and behaviour correction take him back to the basics and refresh his learning of basic obedience the sessions and plans are customised as per your and the dog’s requirements.

Training Correction
Behavior Correction

Behaviour Correction

This is a custom program based on the problem we are working on and the correction patterns. Based on the problem that we are looking at, a number of sessions will be designed or a training program will be given. 

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