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Alongside running a boarding facility for dogs, we work on a lot of programs involving Human Animal Interactions working on enriching this relationship and making it more meaningful. Below is a list of programs we run across age groups.

Paw Dates

Paw Dates

Age Group: Open to all

Our basic human animal interaction session. This is for friends, families, kids, adults - anyone who would like to come and spend some fun time with our team of therapy pets. We offer one hour time slots, but these can also be customised as per requirement.

Appointment required: Yes

Pet Sibling Progam

Pet Sibling Program

Age Group - 9 to 20 years

This is our signature program for children. It is a day long workshop where participants get a first hand experience of pet ownership.  Through the day, the children are taught about all the basic responsibilities that come with owning a pet - safe interactions, exercising, grooming, bathing, feeding, understanding your pets body language signals along with games and lots of fun activities.


This program is very effective when you are looking at getting a new pup home. It gives the child a clear understanding of responsibilities of having a pet dog at home.

Appointment required: Yes

Kids and Dogs Program

Kids & Dogs Program

Age Group - 6 to 10 years

This is a similar interaction session to the Pet Sibling Program but of a shorter duration for younger children.

Appointment required: Yes

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Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties

Age Group - Open to all

If you are a pet lover and wish to spend your birthday in the company of our beloved pets, you are at the right place. Come join us in celebrating your birthday complete with cake, ice cream and refreshments with lots and lots of pets in town. Get your friends and make it merrier. 

Appointment required: Yes

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