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A Glimpse of PetSitters

The PetSitters  Ideology 

At PetSitters, We Speak Dog!

The bottom line of our work is doing right by the dog in every possible way. 


In our endeavour to do so, we emphasize the dogs’ needs and figure out ways that work for them. Whether it’s training, boarding, swimming or even behaviour consultation, the dogs’ needs are our number 1 priority. Our reading and understanding of the dogs’ mannerisms and requirements not only define how we work with them but are also communicated to the pet parents to facilitate two-way interaction between the two parties. 


Through training, behaviour consults, paw dates, individual sessions, boarding and play, the central focus is for the dogs to be both physically and mentally stimulated so that they stay happy and healthy. Our activities and programs are tailored to help the dogs be comfortable in various environments so that they can remain confident in any situation. With a residential team, we strive to ensure round-the-clock care for the dogs in whichever way they need. 

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The Journey

A dream that became reality in march 2008, with 6 kennels and one play area, that is when our journey began. Since then we have been growing in numbers and experience. Today we have 44 kennels, 5 play areas, a pool, a walking trail, and many other facilities. We are on our way to creating an all comprehensive community for the dogs and the pet parents. 

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