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In simple words,PetSitters started with her ❤️

It’s taken me so time to get a hold on this, but here it goes. Whiskey was my 1st dog at the kennel. 14Mar2008 this girl was picked up from her residence. If you think she was skeptical about some random girl taking her away from her parents, I was literally panicking, but had to show some major calm and composure, especially to her parents, who were leaving thier 6 mth old girl in my care as they planned a holiday. The car journey went well and we reached the kennel. My 1st dog at the kennel marked PetSitters birthday. My little dancing queen who made PetSitters her holiday home, and us her family. Since then, till last week, not a year has gone by where this girl hasn’t spent her holidays with me. Even in her last stay which abruptly ended one day before her check out, what I will always remember, is the trust she put in me and my team to be able to take care of her, treat her for an uncalled for medical emergency and tell me that we are her family. The 1st is always special, and so was she. Thank you Agni and Rama for making me a part of your life. This girl is and always will be special. #mydancingqueen #whiskey #restwellbeautiful

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