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I like dogs and I want to spend time with them

Today, a two and a half month “earn and learn and also have crazy loads of fun” program came to an end. Three bright young adults waltzed thier way into PetSitters on 1st April and were signed up as interns. Job profile description read as only two points– 1. Do whatever it takes 2. Don’t say no to any job given

In the process, the three learnt the nitty gritties of kennel operations. They learnt not only dogs and breeds but also to differentiate between good poop and bad poop. They learnt to train, to manage dog issues, to understand pet parent issues and they learnt to smile through all of that. They learnt to deal with the heat. They saw happy customers, and saw brick bats. They learnt entrepreneurship and the beauty of it.

All of them came with a similar passion which said – I LOVE DOGS AND I WANT TO SPEND TIME WITH THEM. What happened in the 75 days is that they learnt to work with dogs and respect them and not just love them.

Meet Saee, Ninad and Tanay.

Saee- the most smiley person in my life. Smiles or giggles at just about anything. Pursuing her NIOS and wanting to study “dog” at some point in time.

Here’s Ninad – the other end of the spectrum, Ninad is keen observer. Silent, calm but a killer smile. A fast learner, he wants to pursue Veterinary Medicine and has taken a break after completing 12th so that he can prepare well.

Meet Tanay – The suave dude who left a corporate job to get into full time photography. “Some free time for dogs” is what he defines this period as.

To know more on how you can intern with us write a mail to

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