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Meet & Greet

….everyone on the street.

The last couple of weeks, I have been taking my own pets for their morning, evening and night walks. I have a 7 month old and a 13 year old who stop at every car & electric pole. My younger one is learning from the senior one, where to pee and just how much to pee.

But what’s different is their reactions when people and pets come their way. My older dog has now achieved the status of “being a human”. By that, I mean, he sort of distinguishes between people and dogs and how he should behave with them individually. There are some dogs in our lane he just can’t stand, and there are some he wags his tail (read female company). He ignores pretty much all humans other than female dog owners. As we walk past homes, if someone had to bark from inside, he will sound off that pet by barking just one bark, but louder.

My German Shepherd taught him to be a tad bit possessive.


And now with his Senior Citizen status, most pets in our neighbourhood, do respect him. And he commands it from them as well. Sounds like us, doesn’t it? And therefore I call him my human dog. He is like us, deciding, taking a call on who to meet and not meet, choosing friends, ignoring people who we don’t like, commanding the respect.

And then, I have my 7 month old. He walks less and does other things more. A bum shake and a tail wag- just doesn’t stop. In between play bows and “let me run to say hello”, everyone knows him and everyone wants to be friends with him. A quick sit as soon as he approaches his human friend- right from the garbage collector to the morning lane sweepers. He rightfully goes, does a handshake and he is back. un-prejudiced- he belongs to the school of thought- “If it moves, it must be a friend”.

Infact his 10am walk friend, -a vegetable vendor, also gives him a piece of carrot as treat.

Think.. and tell me .. who would you like to be?

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