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Go Off Leash

Most times , you hear me harp about dogs and thier freedoms, the ability to let them be off leash. Last evening, as a dear friend came visiting PetSitters with her dog, all she said was, “We’ll just hang around, you don’t need to spend time with us.” So she got the dog off leash (her dog doesn’t wander around and sticks to her most times) and they both took off. Just a walk, aimlessly meandering in thier own thoughts. “I want to smell stuff”, said the dog. “I want to just be quiet”, said the lady. Around the same time, I was wrapping up my day, I saw them thru my office window and the 1st thought that came to me was, “WOW, look at them. They are both off leash.” As simple as it looked, immersed in thier own thoughts, free from the day to day problems, just being with oneself and as mentioned, no agenda. So that’s what brings me here. Aren’t we all leashed up to something? Relations, memories, thoughts, peers, ideas, ideologies, inhibitions, fears. Allow yourselves a break. GO OFFLEASH!

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