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Birthdays done Right

Why celebrate Pet Birthdays?

Well, pets obviously don’t know their birthdays, but parents mostly do. Even if your dog did remember her birthday, it would probably be in dog-years and celebrating at that frequency would be too much. So, your dog’s birthday in the human year is a good day that calls for a celebration. It is emphasising on the joy of having your pet as a family member and let’s just say it, your source of paw-sitivity deserves to be celebrated and maybe even to be spoiled for a day.

So, what do you do on your pet’s birthday?

If you follow dog accounts on social media, you would definitely have seen a pretty dog wearing a birthday cap, sitting with a fancy cake in front and colourful tinsel in the background and with absolutely no clue what to do. Well, dog parties don’t always have to look like that. The idea is to make it more of a pet’s event than a pet parents’ event.

Treat your dog with his/her favourite food and activity. Go walk up the trail she loves so much, or explore a new one. If you want something lavish, you could also take your dog for a grooming and spa session or take him shopping to pick a new toy for himself. If not those, just take a day off and spend time with your dog by going on a long walk or drive depending on what he/she prefers… what better than the favourite human’s company?

You could also invite your dog’s canine and/or human friends for her to enjoy with on her special day. Another great option would be to cook or bake his favourite dish for him or order something from a dog-food provider.

Here is what some of our favourite treat and toy places do

Heads up For Tails offers a wide and vast variety of toys and treats to choose from. With all kept at dog level, some dogs are even known to choose their toys themselves, 

Pune K9 Kitchen provides specialised cakes for dogs that are gluten-free and altered to your dog’s taste and requirements. Home delivery options, flavours to choose from and customised name cakes. Now we are talking party!!!

Recently we bumped into this feed- Kapil from Get Floof celebrated with some jazz and style. Here’s what he has to say: “Birthdays are special because we appreciate the existence of that person. The same goes for my dogs! A dog’s birthday party is about dogs, so for Kaiser’s first birthday we took him, his siblings and all his friends for a swim, where they all swam, played and ate cake. Adding props like hats are only fun for the humans, so do it if you like but make sure that the dogs have most of the fun.”

A post shared by Floof (@getfloof) on Feb 29, 2020 at 7:30pm PST

A post shared by Kaiser (@gavthidog) on Mar 1, 2020 at 4:53am PST


What we at PetSitters do

We, at PetSitters, Pune have customised packages with a choice of activities and the option to invite both human and canine guests. If your dog is not very social, our team of dogs is always up for joining the celebration. In most cases, our Pet pool is put to use or if the dog loves to run around there’s always our free spaces. For dogs that are boarding with us on their birthdays, be it a short stay or a long one, we ensure it is celebrated with vanilla ice-cream for all.

Alex, along with his 5 littermates and his dog mom came to PetSitters to enjoy an afternoon in the pool to celebrate their first birthday, complete with ice-cream, cakes from Pune K9 Kitchen, swims, balloons and family photos. The Sunday was made fun-filled and eventful for the dogs as well as their humans.  Meet- Alex, Alpha, Jerry, Maya and Violet – along with their dog mom Hachi. 

That Indie, that’s Milli, who loves her free runs. She is not too fond of chaos and not a swimmer either. She spent her afternoon at PetSitters with whom she loves most and what she loves most. – running. The Picket-pocket at PetSitters, a 20000 sq feet space, was all hers and she was later joined by our dogs, her limited circle of friends, all of whom were later served ice-cream.

So come, celebrate a day in the life of a dog the way he would enjoy it the most.

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