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Welcome to


A premium dog boarding facility in Maan Village, Pune. Equipped with 40 kennels, a pool and lots of open yet guarded spaces.

Located in Maan village, Hinjewadi, PetSitters is the largest canine-care establishment in Pune. Spread over 4 acres of land, we are equipped with a Pet Pool, 5 play areas, protected open spaces, enrichment zones, and 44 kennels. We started off as a dog boarding facility in 2008 but today, our aim is to cater to everything that comes to your mind with the word “dog. ” Be it dog stay, dog training, dog behaviour, play, exercise, dog birthdays or even pet playdates. 

Since “go”, we’ve hosted over 5,000 dogs and each of them has been treated as an individual with attention to every need, want and requirement. Every dog is taken care of with the same passion, love, and comfort. A dog, once at PetSitters, is entirely our responsibility and that has made us a place to rely on. 

Even if you don’t have a dog, but wish to spend time with them, PetSitters is the place to be. We walk you into becoming pet parents through our Pre-Pet consults, Pet-sibling and Kids and Dogs Programs. With pet play dates, human-animal interaction, birthday celebrations, internship programs and a Dog School program; we have options for every age group and for every way in which you wish to spend time with dogs. If dogs are on your mind, our gate is open for you.

About Us

About Us
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How do we help?

We speak dog! And we have something for everyone who is associated with dogs or wants to be. Secluded from the city, our space is peaceful and sizable so there’s room to build every kind of human-canine connection there is. 

Before you get a dog

If you’re planning to get a dog but have your inhibitions, questions or are unsure of how the dog will fit in, we’re here to help! 

If you have a puppy

If you already have a puppy, you know what an innocent hurricane they can be. They have their own set of needs and demands but nothing to worry about, we’ve got you covered! 

If you have an adult dog

Being a pet parent takes a village. The key to a happy dog is overall enrichment and that is what we at PetSitters provide.

Being with dogs

A dog is a man’s best friend. If you don’t have a dog but simply want to spend time with them, PetSitters is just the place for you!

Learn all about dogs

If dogs are the most fascinating topic to you, and if you want to learn everything about dogs there is, we have professional programs on canine care.


Fido's Family

PetSitters for us is love, care kindness, happiness and a second home for my  dog. 

chase's family.jpeg

Chase's Family

PetSitters is handled by a kind, positive, disciplined and  very dedicated team. It is a complete dog-boarding place where parents can  rest assured  that their  pet is in very safe hands.

Milli's family.jpeg

Milli's Family

For us, PetSitters is a transparent, loving and family-like team that takes care of our dog Milli just like their own. 

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