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Summer events @PetSitters

We are happy to announce two very innovative and exciting ONGOING events at PetSitters starting tomorrow till 1st week June, 2016


An open forum for all those wish to hold a paint brush in their hands and come paint our small town red @ PetSitters. For all age groups young and old and even the toddlers. Phase 1 is painting and Phase 2 will open out for the ones who wish to sketch. This event will be ON till end of May.

To participate, send an sms/whatsapp to +91 9881076677 to let us know your details and also your preferred date and time.


Open Sat-ur-days

Open Saturdays at PetSitters is a summer evening initiative for those who are bored of the rising temperatures and want to get away from it. Sadly, this is the 1st year, we do not have the pool open, but we are trying to create a small splash pool for the pets. Every Saturday from 4 to 7, all are invited -the ones with pets and the ones without pets to come spend an evening in the company of our pets. These evenings give your pet the much needed free spaces to run, socialise and have a good time. For you, its an opportunity to meet fellow pet parents, watch your pet run crazy while you sip on your coffee. If you don’t have pets, come interact with ours and we promise you all the love and woofs which our 4 legged buddies are waiting for. 


We also open up the Agility section for you to give it a try with your canine. To participate, send us a SMS/whatsapp msg on 9881076677 by Friday evening Registration fees Rs 150/- per person. Dog walks in free. 6th May to 4th Jun, 2016

Endless cups of coffee and treats later, we promise you a fun and a different Saturday evening.

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