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I have been sending my Labrador, Simba to Petsitters since the last 2 years and it has been a good experience for me, or maybe I should say for Simba. It is very clean and well maintained. They are genuinely interested in your pet and are caring and concerned. At the same time, everything is run professionally. I like the fact that the same handler has been looking after Simba right from the first visit. I am sure Simba feels more at ease because of this. I also like the open space and I am sure for Simba, who is used to living in a flat, it is a great experience and a welcome change. Another thing that is good is the interaction with other dogs. Once again, as we live in a flat and there is no other pet in our building, Simba misses playing and interacting with other dogs.

Simba is definitely happy when he returns but at the same time, he does not seem angry or traumatized and this is thanks to the good care taken at Petsitters.
- Shalaka Walimbe
Boston’s experience of staying at Petsitters’s home was very good. The dog was comfortable and we were happy to see him when we returned from our vacation.
- Col Bhandari
Whenever I plan to go out of Pune the obvious choice to leave Oscar is at PetSitters as I know that he will be well cared for there. His food type and food timing is maintained and he has come back without any sickness. There is a lot of open space for the dogs to walk and play and the swimming pool is an added attraction. And Shalaka always takes a feedback and I like this personal touch. She and her father are doing a wonderful job.
Keep up the good work
- Jyotsna Yargop
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