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Just wanted to let you know that Blaze has been more healthier after been.....more
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Just wanted to let you know that Blaze has been more healthier after been at your place. Thanks a lot.
- Jignesh and Chaitali Mehta
Adi has definitely enjoyed being at PetSitters. I can see it in the way that he is comfortable with the people and the facility. After coming home from a stay with them, I can also see that he has been well taken care of. Having visited the facility, I find it clean and comfortable for him. Our experiences with PetSitters leave us confident that Adi is in good hands whenever the need arises.
I have been sending my Labrador, Simba to Petsitters since the last 2 years and it has been a good experience for me, or maybe I should say for Simba. It is very clean and well maintained. They are genuinely interested in your pet and are caring and concerned. At the same time, everything is run professionally. I like the fact that the same handler has been looking after Simba right from the first visit. I am sure Simba feels more at ease because of this. I also like the open space and I am sure for Simba, who is used to living in a flat, it is a great experience and a welcome change. Another thing that is good is the interaction with other dogs. Once again, as we live in a flat and there is no other pet in our building, Simba misses playing and interacting with other dogs.

Simba is definitely happy when he returns but at the same time, he does not seem angry or traumatized and this is thanks to the good care taken at Petsitters.
- Shalaka Walimbe
Boston’s experience of staying at Petsitters’s home was very good. The dog was comfortable and we were happy to see him when we returned from our vacation.
- Col Bhandari
Whenever I plan to go out of Pune the obvious choice to leave Oscar is at PetSitters as I know that he will be well cared for there. His food type and food timing is maintained and he has come back without any sickness. There is a lot of open space for the dogs to walk and play and the swimming pool is an added attraction. And Shalaka always takes a feedback and I like this personal touch. She and her father are doing a wonderful job.
Keep up the good work
- Jyotsna Yargop
"We have twice used the services from Petsitters for our pet Buzo (Golden Retriever Dog, Male), and the experience has been amazing. The Hygiene, personal care and love extended by the staff has made Buzo so comfortable that we cannot imagine leaving him at any other place other than Petsitters. He enjoys the daily routine and open surroundings. We find Buzo to be in exactly the same physical and mental health (sometimes happier) as we left him. Many thanks to Shalaka and Team for all the help and warmth they have extended."
- Vikram and Rashmi Rathour
When Shalaka first opened Petsitters, Brandy was one of the first customers there. I decided to keep her there because Shalaka uttered the words that every pet owner wants to hear ' I want to make sure that whichever dog comes here never goes back home sick'. I have to say over the years Shalaka has lived up to her promise. I have left her there on several occasions and I never have to worry about her well being anymore as every time she lives there she comes back without any illness of any kind. I can always depend on Petsitters to take wonderful care of her as I believe they truly understand the importance of our pets in our life. The entire team is wonderful with the dogs and take superlative care of them. I would suggest everyone to leave their dogs with Petsitters because I have been leaving mine for over two years and I cant think of any other place where I would leave my precious pooch.
- Amrita
“I have kept Steffi with you for 3 times, once for 10 days, next for 6 days and the last time for 5 days. On all these occasions there was a sad feeling that we are compelled to keep her at some other place other than her own home. But after taking her back and seeing her condition, I am glad that Pune has a place like Pet Sitters. Of course nobody can replicate an own home, but PetSitters is like a second home for Steffi. What I like the best about PetSitters, is that the dogs are not kept in a cramped cage. There is lot of open space for them to walk and play. Also the food times and the food types are maintained. Especially with Steffi, she goes gaga with Butter Milk, she rarely drinks water, but can drink upto a litre of Butter milk at a single go. I am really thankful to you, your father who have made my life simple especially when we go for an outing.”
- Abhijit Bhagwat
“At the outset, we want to pay sincere thanks for accommodating Knight at your kennel with one hour notice and that is too during peak time of Christmas owing to my Mom’s sudden demise .We overwhelmingly appreciate it.

Your kennel is not new to Knight, but this stint of stay of 18 days was the longest than his earlier stays and we were worried for that. But the care which your team had taken (indeed your Dad’s stringent watch on each Pet) is phenomenal.

You had provided adequate food and that too the type he likes. Whenever, he comes from your kennel, we find him more enthusiastic and he wants to play more. We do not have any hesitation to say that he is quite comfortable at your Kennel.

The bottom line is, despite you do a business of this sort, but you do it by taking adequate care of pets which shows your terrific affinity towards them. All the best to you in this endeavour and my best wishes to PetSitters Team."
- Subrata Ghosh
I would like to say that their stay at PetSitters was good. I felt I was keeping my much loved pets with friends rather than at a commercial kennel. I will definitely keep my pets with you when going on holiday, as I Know for sure they will be well looked after. I will also recommend PetSitters to my family and friends. May God Bless you in all your undertakings.
- Natasha Saingaonkar
In April, 2009, we had made elaborate plans for a religious trip to South India, which included some sightseeing. The only hitch was our pet dog, Tuffy, who had hitherto, been brought up as one of the family members. And, it was not possible to take him on the trip over a period of ten days. Neither was it possible to leave him at the mercy of any caretaker.

Our enquiries with our vet put us on to PetSitters. Frankly, we were skeptical that we would ever come across any hostel for the dogs, who would be able to take adequate care of our pet. Anyway, when we went the first time for a familiarisation visit, which turned out to be a unique experience, we came away really impressed with the care and tenderness shown by each and every member of the PetSitters family - be it humans or the variety of dogs who seemed very happy and enjoying a picnic!

A day before our departure we left Tuffy in the care of PetSitters - the pre-formalities gave ample scope of the care, cleanliness and hygiene which was evident during our very first visit.

During the initial days of our trip, no day was complete without our making anxious enquiries of the well being of our pet. But, within a couple of days we felt at complete ease that he was indeed in very competent and loving hands and he was at complete ease in his new surroundings.

We picked up our dog on the very day we returned and brought him home. But he missed his playmates and convinced us that along with us, Tuffy had a great holiday at PetSitters!! Keep up the good work!!

Very satisfied dog owners,
- Pratibha, Namrata & Sachin Gulwadi
At PetSitters we found a home away from home for our dogs (we have two). Ever since we have had our pets we have not been able to trust anyone enough to leave them in their care. Though it did cause some complications!!
Then we found PetSitters nestled in the outskirts of Pune in picturesque surroundings with ample space. More importantly an evident caring attitude amongst the staff towards the pets in their charge. The whole concept being made possible by Ms Shalaka who runs a tight ship with the bottom-line being the safety and care of their wards.
We have now been able to enjoy our holidays knowing that our pets are in the best of hands. A testament to the fact as to how much our pets enjoy their time at PetSitters is the palpable excitement that goes through them and the way they greet the staff and Ms Shalaka when they reach PetSitters .
- Lt. Col. Shivinder Singh
Dear Shalaka,

I would really like to thank you personally and your team to make Arno feel so comfortable and homely. From the very beginning, you were really informative and well organized by getting all the information you required well in advance...very few people are concerned about these things.

Honestly, I was really worried how Arno would stay for such a long period....but I really appreciate your sincere effort and affection you gave him when he was with you. I am sure he would definitely enjoy being at your farm again.

Thanking you once again...
- Dhanashree Karnik.
" I had a wedding to attend late in November 08... My brothers.... so obviously the whole family was going to be submerged in work.. Like any pet owner, our anxiousness started way back in October trying to think of what we would do with Marz ( our 7 month old Labrador). The wedding was in a different city and the venue was the brides house.. So obviously keeping Marz there was ruled out. We thought we will keep him in the hotel that we were going to be put up in, but the hotel authorities refused to co-operate. So after a lot of deliberation, we decided on keeping him in a hostel... There were enough tears shed and sleepless nights spent before we actually took Marz to PetSitters( i guess anyone reading this will understand why). But when we actually went there with Marz, we were pleasantly surprised to see that he seemed comfortable there from the word go.. Shalaka herself and the person assigned to Marz got down to making him comfortable and feeling at home. Marz spent 5 nights at PetSitters with us calling them every day and asking those ***** questions ' how is he', 'has he eaten', ' did he sleep well' etc etc... And with every call, we were reassured further that he was doing fine. His routine had'nt changed, he was eating what he regularly ate and doing everything that he regularly did at home. Upon our return to Pune we saw for ourselves that he was just fine. Marz had gotten friendly with everyone there and was at ease. I could see that he was comfortable with the place and had been well. We knew then that we had found another home for him if we ever needed to leave him behind ( and i do hope we dont have to often).

We are extremely happy with PetSitters and are certain that it is our prefered destination for Marz in times of need."
- Prajakti
After the initial phase of having a puppy, we realized that we were stuck at home – taking care of Max – walking, exercising and feeding him. Our family being just the two of us and Max, we had given up hopes on holidays and short weekend trips. We did not want to have our friends or relatives go through the inconvenience of caring for him. A search for a decent kennel in Pune was a harrowing experience until we came across PetSitters on the web. PetSitters came as a boon to us, and we could claim back our freedom without compromising on Max’s day-to-day routine. If Max was asked and could write a testimonial, it would be much detailed and nicer than ours. He sure enjoyed his stay at PetSitters under Shalaka’s professional yet friendly care. We were completely relaxed and felt assured that he was in safe hands.

Like they have hotels, resorts and spas for us humans, PetSitters is like a home away from home for our canine family members. We have special admiration for Shalaka’s love for canines and her level of organization. We would strongly recommend PetSitters to all those who want nothing but the best. Trust us … Max loved every bit of it!”
- Suphala & Ramesh Gururaj
"I still remember my first visit to Shalaka and PetSitters. We had planned a 10 day long vacation, and a week before we were to leave, had not found a good kennel for our dog Misty. All the visits to local kennels had proved disastrous and we are really wondering how we were going to manage the vacation. We (I & Misty) went to see Shalaka in the afternoon. It is a 35 minutes drive from Kothrud and this was in month of May. After a warm welcome, Shalaka offered me a glass of water AND also a bowl of water for Misty! I think at that moment I knew that we had found a right place. The other thing that impressed me was her insistence of a health certificate from a Vet. Things just fell in place after that. We had a great vacation and Misty enjoyed her stay at PetSitters. Since then a big load has been off our heads, now that we know a good place to leave Misty behind whenever we need to."
- Abhay Hulikavi.
"Several Months ago we bought a sweet Lhasa Apso puppy. This month we went out of station for a 12 day holiday and needed someone to care for our pup. We asked around and made some calls to local kennel owners but weren't too pleased with the options until we came across Pet Sitters (which was recommended to us by our veterinarian). We decided to give PetSitters a try. In talking with Shalaka and then later meeting her in person, we were impressed with her attention to detail, her emphasis on hygiene and health for the dogs, her desire to minimize separation anxiety for our pup and her apparent love for the canine breed! As a result we were free to travel without stress and worry that our puppy would be miserable, or even scarred by a bad experience. In the end I think our pup had a holiday of his own; breathing in the fresh air of the countryside, romping around in the grass and playing with other dogs! We highly recommend Pet Sitters and look forward to a long relationship with them."
- Heather Engel.
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